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Ellen Fullman / Theresa Wong

In this double interview Ellen Fullman and Theresa Wong is talking about the developing of The Long String Instrument as well as their way of working together, view on acoustic vs. technological music and arts in general.


In 1981 Ellen Fullman began developing the Long String Instrument, an installation of dozens of wires fifty feet or more in length, tuned in just intonation and ‘bowed’ with rosin coated fingers. Fullman has developed a unique notation system to choreograph the performer’s movements, exploring sonic events that occur at specific nodal point locations along the string-length of the instrument. 


She has recorded extensively with this unusual instrument and has collaborated with such luminary figures as composer Pauline Oliveros, choreographer Deborah Hay, the Kronos Quartet, and Keiji Haino. 


Fullman co-operates with the cellist Theresa Wong. Theresa Wong is a cellist, performer and composer. Wong is interested in terminating the tight classical form. Her improvisations of voice and instruments have made her accomplish exactly that.


Besides the co-operation with Fullman, Wong has worked with Fred Frith, Luciano Chessa, Annie Lewandowski, Søren Kjærgaard and Carla Kihlstedt. 




The Long String Instrument

Interview by Barbara Scherfig, Denmark 2015

Camera: Elisabetta Saiu

Editing: Elisabetta Saiu

Produced by Barbara Scherfig

Copyright: Kulturværftet 2015


Interview. 24:20 min.