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Jackson Palmer 

Dogecoin founder and Adobe Senior Manager Jackson Palmer recently announced he is taking an "extended leave of absence" from the cryptocurrency community. Before that, in 2014, this interview was made when he visited CLICK Festival to talk about his Dogecoin crypto project.


This interview therefore itself proves how fast things are developing when it comes to the Internet and technology in general.


Keep this in mind when Jackson Palmer one year later, in 2015, is calling the ecosystem "toxic". He blasts aspects of the industry, while encouraging users of Dogecoin not to lose sight of its fun and playful roots. "All in all, the cryptocurrency space increasingly feels like a bunch of white libertarian bros sitting around hoping to get rich and coming up with half-baked, buzzword-filled business ideas which often fail in an effort to try and do so", he tells the magazine CoinDesk.


Launched in December 2013, Dogecoin quickly became one of the more popular alternative digital currencies, though its community has recently seen a decline in enthusiasm.




Dogecoin, cryptocurrency and the age of the internet economy

Interview by Barbara Scherfig, Denmark 2014

Camera: Elisabetta Saiu and Henrik Jelstrup

Editing: Elisabetta Saiu

Produced by Barbara Scherfig

Copyright: Kulturværftet 2015


Interview. 10:15 min.