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Jennifer Parker-Starbuck

In recent decades, technological development has brought an abundance of new options to the field of performance and the performing arts. New opportunities for staging have emerged: new opportunities for production and collaborations. All this is the result of interdisciplinary collaborations between the arts and technology and science. In this interview, Jennifer Parker-Starbuck talks about digital and technological perspectives in performance and performing arts among other things based on her writing of Cyborg Theatre: Corporeal/Technological Intersections in Multimedia Performance.

Her work has focused upon the historical and theoretical implications of new media/multimedia and its relationship to the body in performance. This work with multimedia has expanded to include work on cyborg performance, trauma and memory in performance, dis/ability in performance, feminism, live art practices, and animality and the non-human.

The non human other on stage

Interview: Lea Buch, Denmark 2017
Camera: Elisabetta Saiu
Editing: Elisabetta Saiu
Production: Barbara Scherfig
Copyright: Kulturværftet/CLICK Festival 2017


Interview. 13:20 min.