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Pei-Ying Lin

Artist, designer and programmer Pei-Ying Lin’s main focus is on the combination of science and human society through artistic methods. In 2016 she visited CLICK Festival with her installation PSC Consultancy (Plant Sex Consultancy). The mission behind the installation is to accommodate the various potential requests of plant clients, designing augmentations inspired by nature and culture to increase the pleasure and (re)productivity of plant sex as one of the staples of species' survival. The design process is plant-centered and methodologically based on science fiction prototyping, relying heavily on the existing knowledge of plant ecology, physiology and reproduction. In this interview for CLICK Channel Pey-Ying Lin elaborates on what it means to design life and on the fact that we as humans are no longer on the top of the pyramid in the biological world.

We are no longer the top of the pyramid

Interview by Barbara Scherfig, Denmark 2016
Camera: Elisabetta Saiu
Editing: Elisabetta Saiu
Produced by Barbara Scherfig
Copyright: Kulturværftet 2016


Interview. 15:17 min.