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Timothy Morton

“We will lose nature, but gain ecology.”

Morton’s stance in the field of ecology is a critical one, positioning itself in staunch opposition to romantic notions of nature as the ‘other’ of humanity. His work within the field of object-oriented ontology forms a strong foundation for the views that make up many of his most original concepts, as the tradition has at its core a dismissal of anthropocentricism as the base of all understanding – that is to say, it rejects the privileging of human over non-human entities.

​This “leveling the field” of seeing the same potentiality in all things, led Morton to some of his most novel ideas in ecological and environmental thinking. Crucial to Morton’s work is a complete rethinking of ‘nature’, a realization that the concept and the ‘uncanny valley’ that it implies between the natural and the unnatural is central to the ecological catastrophe that, according to Morton, has already happened. Breaking away from the notion of nature, ridding it of romantic notions – seeing it as a messy, ugly proposition – we are left with a mesh of and complete interconnectedness of things, living and non-living, a ‘dark ecology’.



Human beings are now the asteroids

Interview: Jens Hauser, Denmark 2017
Camera: Elisabetta Saiu
Editing: Elisabetta Saiu
Production: Barbara Scherfig
Copyright: Kulturværftet/CLICK Festival 2017


Interview. 14:37 min.